AfroMaison participation to the Durban COP17


A side event of the United Nations Climate Change Conference (Durban, South Africa, 28 Nov. - 9 Dec. 2011), including the 17th Conference of Parties (COP), has been organized by the DG RTD.


The event focuses in particular on showcasing examples of EU-Africa scientific cooperation in the field of climate change research. Selected projects have been invited to present results and perspectives according to four main themes: (1) Climate predictions and scenarios in Africa; (2) Better understanding climate change impacts on health, agriculture and the environment; (3) Managing resources in a climate change context; and (4) Adapting to climate change.


The event aims at promoting a discussion amongst European and African stakeholders on issues such as additional research gaps and opportunities networks, science-policy interface and capacity building needs through a panel discussion and a "Question and Answers" session involving the audience.


AfroMaison has been selected as one of the projects to present results and perspectives and the presentation prepared for this event can be downloaded here.