AfroMaison presence on the EuroGEOSS conference in Madrid, Spain, 27th January 2012

GEOSS (Global Earth Observation System of Systems) is a system of Earth Observation coordinated by the Group on Earth Observation (GEO). The GEOSS proactively links together existing and planned observing systems around the world and supports the development of new systems where gaps currently exist. It promotes common technical standards so that data from the thousands of different instruments can be combined into coherent data sets. 

The AfroMaison project is a GEOSS registered component ( It brings OGC web services into practice and helps to connect to other resources through its broker based on GI-Cat.

EuroGEOSS is a FP7 project part of the thematic area: "ENV.2008. European environment Earth observation system supporting INSPIRE and compatible with GEOSS". It builds an initial operating capacity for a European Environment Earth Observation System in the three strategic areas of Drought, Forestry and Biodiversity. It then undertakes the research necessary to develop this further into an advanced operating capacity that provides access not just to data but also to analytical models made understandable and usable by scientists from different disciplinary domains. It demonstrates the added value to the scientific community and to society of making existing systems and applications interoperable and useful within the GEOSS and INSPIRE frameworks.

The EuroGEOSS 2012 conference (called EuroGEOSS – advancing the vision of GEOSS Conference) provides a forum for developers, users and decision-makers working with advanced multi-disciplinary information systems to improve science and decisions for complex societal issues.

AfroMaison being a concrete example of such a multi-disciplinary approach at meso-scale as well as a registered GEOSS component, the EuroGEOSS 2012 conference represents a good opportunity to show concrete collaboration between European Union and Africa in the environmental and societal domains.

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