ECRAAL Water Node Conference, Brussels, Belgium, 25th-27th January 2012

ECRAAL  is a non-profit membership organisation, to support engagement and education policies as well as the funding of actors and players from Asia, Africa and Latin America in EU research. ECRAAL operates as a flexible, integrated and operational Brussels based platform to boosting the active participation of non-European players in EU research and education funding opportunities.

This January (2012), ECRAAL will be hosting its second international conference; THE WATER NODE, which emulates ECRAAL’s own flexible format as a platform for the research community beyond EU borders: to build their capacity to participate in relevant EU funded projects, and; to facilitate, foster and strengthen dialogue between the international research community, stakeholders and policy makers in the EU.  This international, multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural conference addresses the EU’s international activities concerning water and aims to put international co-operation in research and innovation at their core.

The ECRAAL Water Node conference will be held between 25-27th January 2012 in Brussels.  Entrance to the conference is free.

Dr. Chris Dickens from the Drakensberg Case Study (part of the Afromaison Project) will be presenting a paper on the challenges of doing EU research in Africa. This will concentrate on the role played by case study research, but will also go wider than this.

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