AfroMaison participation in the next CAAST-Net meeting

AFROMAISON will be participating in the Second CAAST-Net stakeholders' conference on Africa-Europe S&T cooperation with the title ‘STEPS TO INNOVATION - Conference on Africa-Europe Partnerships for Global Challenges’. The conference will take place in Dakar, Senegal on Tuesday, 24 – Wednesday, 25 of April 2012.

The 2007 Joint Africa-EU Strategy formalises a new Africa-Europe political relationship and recognises the mutual interest and benefit arising from bi-regional cooperation based on equitable partnerships for addressing global and developmental challenges.
Set against the background of a global consensus on the vital contributions of scientific and technological research, development and innovation to addressing global challenges, and of the common policy goals of increasing investment in S&T capacity, the two continents – Africa and Europe - are forging an ever closer relationship in scientific and technological R&D, addressing issues of common interest.
The forthcoming stakeholders' conference has been conceived therefore as an opportunity to enrich and strengthen the Africa-Europe STI cooperation relationship through providing a forum for exchange of opinions, sharing and mutual learning between stakeholders and experts from Africa and Europe. Taking the topics of the 2009 Coordinated Call for Africa2 as the conference theme and drawing on practical examples of past and on-going S&T bi-regional cooperation initiatives as case studies, the conference will explore a range of issues related to the role of innovation systems and policies in the context of bi-regional cooperation, with a view to enhancing the contributions of R&D to identifying solutions to global challenges.

An additional day will be dedicated to the ‘CAAST-Net Internal Workshop for the coordinators of projects funded through the FP7 Call for Africa’ (Thursday, 26 of April 2012, Dakar, Senegal). The workshop’s participants will discuss themes and methodologies for the development and promotion of innovative tools and technologies in Africa to address the global challenges of water and food security and better health for Africa.

For more information : CAAST-Net_Conference-Senegal2012.pdf

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