Afromaison Stakeholders Workshop (MMU, Uganda, 24-27 April 2012)

MMU-Afromaison Stakeholders Workshop:

Organized by the Case study leaders and researchers of Mountains of the Moon Univeristy: Prof Arsen Semana, Rudy Lemmens, Clovis Kabaseke, and Moses Muhumuza.
At Kasunga Training Center, Fort Portal, Uganda
From Tuesday 24 April to Friday 27 April 2012.


40 Mesoscale concerned INRM key role players, distributed over the tree districts of the Rwenzori region: Kabarole, Kasese and Bundibugyo.
Assisted by Work Packages representatives, for WP2 Chantal Bake, WP3 Simon Langan, WP4 Fonda Lewis, WP5 Dirk Vrebos, and WP7 Nils Ferrand.


Objective of this workshop is to define in a participatory way, the important Natural Resource Management interventions in the Renzori region and to prepare a regional [meso-scale] action plan and identify the main players or the organization who can carry this plan forwards in the Rwenzori region.

Download the powerpoint of the Kasunga stakeholders’ workshop.

Download the powerpoint of the students workshop, that was a simulation of the stakeholders’ workshop of the 24th to 27th of April 2012 and took place from 17 to 19th of April 2012 at the Mountains of the Moon University (MMU), Fort Portal (Uganda).